A guide to treating common baby skin problems in monsoon

For: 0-24 months | Author: Mansha Ali | Medically reviewed by: Dr. Surabhi G Sangwai
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Treating common baby skin problems in monsoon

Monsoons surely provide relief from the scorching heat and give everything around us a fresh look and feel. However, a monsoon also brings a myriad of bacteria, viruses and germs with it. As a new parent, you want to ensure the utmost care for your little one, especially during the monsoon season because tiny tots are vulnerable to infections. Especially as their immune systems are still developing. 


Apart from various infections and diseases, the increased humidity and moisture can make your baby’s delicate skin susceptible to various skin problems. Taking extra care of your baby’s skin, which is the largest organ of the body, is essential to maintaining their health. Let’s discuss the common skin issues that arise during the monsoon and some practical tips for their prevention and treatment to keep your baby comfortable and healthy.


1. Fungal Infections


Fungal infections, such as diaper rash and thrush, are common during the monsoon. These infections thrive in warm, moist environments. To prevent and treat them you must:


  • Keep the diaper area clean and dry by changing diapers frequently. Gently clean the area with fragrance-free wipes or a mild cleanser.
  • Allow your baby’s skin to air dry before putting on a fresh diaper.
  • Apply a diaper rash cream with zinc oxide to protect and soothe the skin.
  • Opt for breathable, absorbent diapers and avoid tight-fitting ones that trap moisture.


2. Heat Rash


Heat rash occurs when sweat glands become blocked, leading to tiny red bumps or blisters. To alleviate heat rash in your baby:

Dress your baby in lightweight, loose-fitting clothes made of breathable fabrics such as cotton.


  • Keep the room well-ventilated and use a fan to maintain air circulation.
  • Avoid excessive swaddling or bundling up your baby to prevent overheating.
  • Apply a gentle, fragrance-free moisturizer to keep the skin hydrated and reduce friction.


3. Eczema


Monsoon weather can aggravate eczema symptoms in babies. To manage eczema effectively:


  • Keep your baby’s skin well-moisturized using a fragrance-free and hypoallergenic moisturizer. Apply it after bathing and as needed throughout the day.
  • Use a mild, fragrance-free cleanser while bathing and avoid hot water, as it can dry out the skin.
  • Dress your baby in soft, cotton clothing to reduce skin irritation.
  • Consult a pediatrician for appropriate creams or ointments if eczema worsens or persists.


4. Mosquito Bites


Mosquitoes thrive during the monsoon, so it’s crucial to protect your baby from their bites and potential infections:


  • Dress your baby in long sleeves and pants to minimize exposed skin.
  • Use a mosquito net or screen to cover the baby’s crib or stroller.
  • Apply a baby-safe mosquito repellent recommended by your pediatrician, following the instructions carefully.
  • Avoid using scented soaps or lotions that may attract mosquitoes.


5. Prickly Heat


Prickly heat, also known as sweat rash, occurs when sweat ducts become clogged. To manage it effectively:


  • Keep your baby cool and comfortable by dressing them in loose-fitting, breathable clothing.
  • Avoid overdressing or wrapping your baby in thick blankets, as this can trap heat and moisture.
  • Use a cool compress or a gentle baby powder containing cornstarch to soothe the affected areas.
  • Ensure proper ventilation and avoid excessive humidity in your baby’s sleeping area.

Over to you


As a new parent, it’s essential to be vigilant and proactive in caring for your baby’s skin during the monsoon. By following these tips and maintaining good hygiene practices, you can help prevent and manage common skin problems. Remember, if any skin condition persists or worsens, consult a pediatrician immediately for proper diagnosis and treatment. With your love, care, and a little extra attention, you can keep your little one comfortable and happy throughout the monsoon season.


BabyVerse is here to support you on your parenting journey, offering guidance and helpful resources for you and your baby. Stay informed, and enjoy this beautiful phase of parenthood, knowing that you’re equipped to keep your baby’s skin healthy and protected.


What are your baby’s skincare best practices? 


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