“There is no such thing as a perfect parent. So just be a real one.”

Big Bang for BabyVerse!

4:00 AM. Our close friends, Meera & Akash were having the most frantic night. Little Anu had just swallowed camphor. Seeing her vomiting every couple hours, the parents called paediatrician after paediatrician to get medical assistance. At this late hour, no one was available!

While one article on the internet said “It should be okay soon,” the other assessed it as “life threatening”. Eventually, the baby fell asleep. However, this night left a mark on us.

If only they had somewhere to go for instant support! Someplace to get medically verified information at their fingertips. Wouldn’t they have avoided a whole night of panicking? Wouldn’t they be surer of what to do next and far better equipped to handle such a situation at all times?

At that time, our team had been working on an AI chatbot to answer any parenting-related questions. Seemed like our tool was built exactly for scenarios like these. And the more parents we talked to, the same theme cut across their stories. Stories of unexpected and scary scenarios. Stories of ill equipped and anxious parents. Stories of parents who want to do it all for their babies but don’t have the right tools handy!

This is when we collaborated with leading medical experts to create a universe for babies’ growth, health and well-being. A universe that promises hasslefree, smart and confident parenting – BabyVerse.


What inspires us...

Parenting, especially during the early years, is one of the most challenging stages of people’s lives. 4362 questions popping up 24*7.

So much bathing, burping, bonding. So much pooping, cleaning, feeding. So much “I hope my baby is okay?” 

We can empathise. Using tech to help people’s burning issues has been central to our mission.

We believe that parenting should be a super-smooth experience filled with love, laughter & bonding moments. Making this beautiful journey a little easier for parents is what inspires us to keep enhancing BabyVerse.

Journey so far...


We started out with our AI chatbot to answer any parenting-related queries.

Soon, we realised parents were swamped with questions about breastfeeding, sleep, teething and more. For this, we created bite-sized articles to empower parents with certified information at their fingertips. 

So many parents were curious about when their baby would start to crawl, utter their first word, roll over, smile and more. Our daily growth calendar came to their rescue.

In a few more months, we built a full-fledged app for parents. Soon, our app:

  • guided them with certified info for all their doubts
  • offered chatbots for 24*7 guidance with feeding, sleeping and ruling out any serious red flags
  • helped them track their baby’s monthly growth milestones
  • aided in bonding with the baby and boosting their baby’s everyday growth through doctor-recommended activities
  • formed a solid parent-community to help society as a whole

We got overwhelming responses from across the globe: India, Pakistan, South Africa, Philippines among others. Right parenting is a global need. We are now ‘live’ in 100+ countries helping 50k+ parents. Currently, we are expanding BabyVerse to assist parents of 1-2 year old children.


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