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First 1000 days of your baby’s life are the most important and each day is different. 

Get personalized growth plans, milestone tracking, expert advice on sleep and nutrition and lots more on the BabyVerse app.

All your childcare needs covered in this one app!

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Boost your baby's growth

Ensure your baby meets monthly milestones by doing daily activities that help you track progress as well as bond with your baby deeply.

Become a Super Parent

Empower yourself to take excellent care of your child through our knowledge center with over 1900+ articles that are vetted by Doctors and Growth Experts.

Get Instant Solutions to 2AM Troubles

Get doctor-certified care advice at your fingertips. Our smart bots instantly respond to your queries about feeding, sleeping and even checking symptoms.​

Join a community that cares

Parenting is a team sport and having a great support system helps you win. Join our community where you can share stories, ask queries, talk to experts and a lot more.

Made with love, to boost your child’s growth from birth itself!

Designed to help you take every necessary precaution to prevent your child from diseases, and take on early growth challenges.

Everything you find on BabyVerse is verified and recommended by certified experts.

Receive an unprecedented daily activity plan to help your baby grow consistently while also cultivating a strong bond with you.

All the features are carefully put together, making it a personalised and enjoyable experience for you.

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Looking for an app to manage your baby’s growth milestones and development while having fun and screen-free activities to do together? Look no further! 🧑‍🍼

Frequently asked questions

What can I do to ensure my baby’s growing at the right pace?

How to improve my child’s feeding and sleep?

How to engage my baby in the appropriate growth activities when they are awake?

Is my baby doing okay?

Hope this tiny rash is not a sign of something serious!

Where to find the right, doctor-recommended advice for my 2 AM queries?

Winter is coming! How should I prepare for it and protect my baby from catching a cold?

Brain development is the quickest during the first 1000 days than at any other time! UNICEF says over 43% of children under 5 are at risk of not fulfilling their full developmental potential! That’s why it is so crucial to understand HOW you can help them grow in these early years. 

We currently cater to parents of 0-24 month babies. 


This covers everything needed for their growth, feeding, sleep and vaccination.

  1. Boost your child’s growth with daily expert-curated activities.
  2. Stay on top of your child’s growth every month.
  3. Get all your childcare & growth questions answered.
  4. Understand your child’s health conditions.
  5. Address your baby’s nutrition & sleep needs correctly.

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